BlrDroid August 2013 Meetup Overview

Android developers and tech-savvy people always look forward for the meeting organized by the Bangalore Android group which gives them the opportunity to expand their network and collaborate with other Android developers. In association with International organizations such as Droidcon and Droidcamp, this group enables you to learn more about developing from other parts of the world. This meeting was held on 24th August 2013 at Intel technology, Bangalore and was scheduled at 10 am.

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BlrDroid July 2013 Meetup Overview

Technology fanatics were always thrilled by the promotion being done by BlrDroid. BlrDroid continuously arranges meetups and tech talks to tackle the latest in the world of technology. The meetups being conducted by BlrDroid were always a success. This is also the case for the latest meetup held last July 2013. Many speakers graced the event. Many topics were expounded by them. This meetup started last July 27, 2013 at exactly 10:00 AM. It was held at the Microsoft Accelerator, Bangalore.


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BlrDroid June 2013 Meetup Overview

BlrDroid never fails to promote tech savoir-faire among the Indian technology enthusiasts. It arranged tech talks and meetups every now and then. And just like the previous Meetup successes, the latest June 2013 meetup by BlrDroid was also a success. There were multiple speakers and multiple talks done by them. A plethora of agendas were discussed in this meetup which started at 10 AM sharp (June 29th) at Apigee Technologies Indian Pvt. Ltd. Moreover, other than those typical agenda discussions, there were hosts who performed group activities as well.


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BlrDroid I/O Meetup - May, 2013

In this article we will recall and discuss about all the events held at this group’s latest meeting which was held on 25/05/2013 at Intel Technology India Private Limited, Bangalore. The main theme was:

  •  Further important discussions about Google I/O event 2013
  • IO: What it means to the Android Users
  • Networking Session—(mainly discussions about networking in android and its latest aspects)
  • Open House Discussion(there talk about Android Studio, )
  • Ending ceremony/ of this blrdroid meet up.
  • This event was recorded and was uploaded to youtube named Google+ Hangout Air.image

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Blrdroid Meetup : Samsung SDKs @ Samsung

1:25 PM

If you happen to develop a S Pen app, send it to Samsung, and you might win a Samsung Note!

With this, today’s meetup is over. Thanks Samsung!

1:10 PM
Low Price app by Pranay
Scan barcode, get ISBN code, search the book from online stores, click on result, and buy!


Download the app here.

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Blrdroid Meetup 15 : Liveblog

1:33 PM
And this is the end for today’s meet up. Networking follows.

App Demos
:  location based shopping app. Shows offers, new arrivals, shop numbers and manages rewards. Uses View Pager, fragments etc. Dowload here

Divi App : Education app


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NFC in Android

In my previous posts,  I have discussed about introduction to NFC and how corresponding apps are triggered when they interact with NFC tag or device. In this post, I will walk you through an actual android app which demonstrates the NFC behavior.
I have written a simple app called “NFC Tic Tac Toe”. Yes! Yes! It’s the same old Tic Tac Toe game, but, with NFC features implemented in it. I will refer this app to demonstrate the following things -

  • How to Write to a NFC Tag.
  • How to Read from NFC Tag.
  • How to Exchange data between two NFC enabled devices having the same app installed.

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Blrdroid Meetup 14 : Liveblog

2:15 PM

And we wrap up this meetup. Remember, we get free Pizzaz from Anirban next time.

2:00 PM

"DocuTrust" and "DocuVerify" apps demo by Ramesh.

The apps are about secure document transmission.

1:53 PM

"Thru the Galli" by Anenth

The app is used to guide people thru the Galli. Needs layar as well.

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NFC Tag Dispatch System in Android

In the last post, I have discussed about NFC in general. NFC is a platform independent standard/protocol/specification, but the implementation differs from platform to platform. That means, whenever two NFC enabled devices come in contact of each other, the data can be exchanged via NFC Spec. Now the way data is passed to corresponding application of the platform depends on the implementation.This post will give you an idea about how the Data/Tags are dispatched to corresponding application in Android!
When NFC can work in Android?
For NFC to work in android, below two conditions must be satisfied. Even if one fails, then you can’t really make communication over NFC.
  • NFC must be enabled in device’s settings.
  • Screen must be unlocked.

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What is NFC ?

We have seen the days where a small amount of calculation work used to take decent amount of time. As the time passed, technology evolved and we have noticed electronic devices which reduced the work in a significant way. For example a calculator, it used to do a lot of math quickly and the clerk at the office was happy to use this. The reason is simple, it has made his work easier and quicker and gave correct results!

Similarly, with advancement in technology, we have seen many devices which have helped the mankind to solve his problem in an easier way. We have seen computer doing amazing work with great UI. In the last decade, there were some technologies which one has only noticed in the labs.But now they are main stream. Ex. Touch Screen mobiles, Audio controlled devices etc. We are truly living in a time where technology defines the way we interact,share,think & the way we live.

In this post I will be discussing one such advancement in technology. It’s called NFC.

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